Sign Up for Virtual Mentor Night FOOD EDITION June 17th 4-6pm

We are pleased to offer you the first chance to book free one-on-one 25-minute virtual consultations with Food Mentors specifically selected to support you with advice and tips on

  • Kitchens

  • Food Safety

  • Food recipe innovation

  • General business advice & scaling

Each expert is available for individual 25-minute sessions between 4 pm and 6 pm on June 17th.

SIGN UP QUICKLY! Space is limited to one participant per mentor every 25 minutes. You may take a slot for each mentor pending availability.

  • Sign up for a 25-minute General Advice (Food) with Jeff Perkins

  • Sign up for a 25-minute Kitchens Session with Bill Seretta

  • Sign up for a 25-minute Food Innovation Session with Beth Calder

  • Sign up for a 25-minute Food Safety Session with Jason Bolton

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