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UpStart Volunteer Spotlight Featuring Elaine Theriault-Currier

UpStart Events Committee member Elaine Theriault-Currier, Pen Name Founder/CEO, shares her volunteer experience within UpStart Maine and how it has impacted her both professionally and personally. Read below to learn more about her story.

How did you choose to volunteer for this organization?

I had recently started my business and connected through a mutual colleague with Corey Zimmerman, the Events Committee chair. I had heard of UpStart Maine’s events for years, and was excited that Corey thought I’d be a good fit for the Events Committee.

Is there a particular accomplishment or memory that has always stuck with you?

I have been volunteering with UpStart Maine for less than a year, but I am honored to have been part of the inaugural Maine Innovation Nights! My network is largely based in Waterville, and I am grateful that we were able to incorporate several Waterville-area startups in Maine Innovation Nights. UpStart Maine is a fantastic organization and entrepreneurial resource, and I look forward to connecting more startups outside of greater Bangor with us.

How has volunteering for this organization changed you, or what have you learned about yourself?

As I mentioned above, I didn’t have many Bangor-area contacts or connections before volunteering with UpStart Maine, and I have really enjoyed getting to know so many enthusiastic, innovative, and genuinely kind entrepreneurs and business leaders in greater Bangor. Volunteering with UpStart Maine has helped me expand my network and Corey is a tour de force in introducing me to new people.

What about this organization makes you feel empowered?

UpStart Maine has helped me recognize the value I bring to startups as a PR and grant-writing consultant. It’s wonderful to connect with other entrepreneurs who understand the challenges and opportunities of owning your own business, and who look to me for advice on their earned media and grant-funding strategies.

What within the organization would you like to build or expand on?

Connecting startups and entrepreneurs outside of greater Bangor with the organization. Not only is Bangor a great market for startups, but the wealth of resources to which UpStart Maine connects entrepreneurs is truly unique and transformational for business growth.

Thank you for all of the positive contributions you have brought to the UpStart team in order to encourage and build up Maine’s entrepreneurial culture, Elaine!

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