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Maine Innovation Nights Success Stories

As the Next Maine Innovation Nights approaches on April 26th from 2-6pm, we wanted to recap on the success stories of our last years Fall Showcase Participants! Read below to see how Maine Innovation Nights had an impact on these entrepreneurs!


Maine Innovation night was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our DiriGoStream, DiriGoClean, and DiriGoHydro technologies. Our mentor provided excellent support and advice on ways to craft the best elevator speech and presentation to gain interest in our carbon free solution for energy and disinfectant in Maine and beyond! Thanks for having us.

Tree free heat

Our team has been on a roll since Innovation Night. We experienced our highest volume of DTC sales during the holiday season last year and now we are gaining tremendous wholesale traction as it continues to get warmer outside.

I had a great time networking and talking to potential customers about our product at Maine Innovation Night. In fact, it was our first tabling event ever and it set us up to be successful at Portland's Makers Market. We gained insight on how to set up our table, talk to customers, and how we can improve our brand's messaging. I saw how other established brands positioned their table and we drew inspiration from them.

I also took advantage of learning from the other business owners. I talked about growth strategies, brand identity, potential wholesale opportunities, and received general founder advice. Specifically, I learned about New England Made, a booth event that took place last weekend in Portland, from Bub n' Muthas and we brought in 15 new wholesalers!

Bub n’ Muthas

It was a privilege to be part of the inaugural Maine Innovation Nights. Seeing people come in and try our products, talk about our businesses and mingle with other area small business leaders provided yet more confidence that starting a company in DownEast Maine would have all the support and knowledge that would rival any big city.


Here at SledTRX we have been gearing up to release a beta version of our app for ATV, which is a new area of the market we are trying to step into! But going forward to the event, the biggest positive coming out of the fall UpStart was that it allowed me to connect with a great group of Maine start up businesses. Actually I've seen many of the businesses I connected with that day at other events, so again it was great to have them as a resource!

Profit Decoder

Innovation Nights was the perfect launchpad for Profit Decoder. We used the experience to hone our pitch, make new sales contacts, and begin our social media outreach. Winning the favorite innovative entrepreneur vote and pitch competition were the icing on the cake.

Kind Mind

Upstart provided me guidance and focus on how to message and market my business to the greater public. Having a pitch coach to build strong messaging that would resonate with people and create buzz about my business was the kickstart I needed. Not only creating the pitch, but considering my business approach in a new and strategic way that would be competitive helped give me the direction I needed to move forward and scale. Thank you Upstart, for giving me the boost that I was looking for to take my business to the next level!

Box of Maine

If you're not moving forward you're not growing. Put yourself out there and get good at talking to people about your business. Challenge yourself and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. How will people know about what you do if you don't tell them? Never settle with being average but seek to always improve yourself/business.

Be sure to get your tickets for the upcoming Maine Innovation Nights with the link below!!

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