Maine Innovation Nights

Since 2009, Innovation Nights (which started in Boston) has helped launch more than 1500 new products and startups (ranging from apps to enterprise software to medical devices, consumer products, and more). These companies have received more than $4B in collective funding, added thousands of jobs, and had a major impact on the Boston region.

Now we are bringing Innovation Nights to Bangor (the first program of its kind here in Maine!)

Introducing the presenters for our very first Maine Innovation Nights!

Vote for your favorite!

DiriGo Hydro

Ropeless RISER


Bob n Mutha's (introducing salt-free rub)

Tree Free Fire

Profit Decoder


Box of Maine (introducing breakfast box)

Kind Mind Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Timberwolves BBQ Sauce

Which entrepreneur are you most excited to see at Maine Innovation Nights?

Your vote will influence which presenter gets extra pitch time!

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