Talking Top Gun with AiSteth

A modern stethoscope that utilizes artificial intelligence to help doctors make a diagnosis? We were shocked too, until Radhakrishna ‘Krishna’ Jamadagni sat down with us and explained that the stethoscope really hasn't been updated in centuries! During our chat with Krishna, he explained how his company, AiSteth, is innovating the traditional stethoscope. What was your inspiration for starting the company? My colleague and I kept toying with some ideas and have failed once or twice before. We kept going at it and realized stethoscopes have not been updated much since the 1800’s. In the last 10 years or so, some improvements in amplified stethoscopes have been made, but nobody has solved the

Talking Top Gun with Rx Option

Did you know that nearly every medication you have ever bought has multiple prices, and the one you pay depends on several factors, including how you ask for it? When Mick Delargy first heard about the range of prices most pharmacies charge for any given medication, he realized that his experience in Silicon Valley and his co-founder’s background in pharmaceuticals presented an amazing opportunity. He co-founded Rx Option, the only smartphone app that lets you see ALL low cost generic drug options, for any given medical condition, in less than a second. What was your inspiration for starting the company? The inspiration for Rx Option actually wasn’t mine, it was the co-founder of Rx Option.

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